Curious. Playful. Immersive.

What is Malice?

The driving force of any story starts with an Inciting Incident;
often it’s a moment of Malice. A twist in the story that sets us
on course to experience the extraordinary, or excruciating.
It can happen to all of us. Anytime. Are you ready to
welcome your moment of Malice? Catch up with
the story so far…

Malice creates curiously playful immersive nights
taking an experiential twist on pop culture
themes to a backdrop of eclectic music.
Think gods & goddesses, angels & demons,
apocalyptic worlds, purgatory, space travel, silent disco,
alien abductions, even the unthinkable Trumpocalypse.

Our recent adventures led us to some Malice in Wonderland, Dante’s
Inferno/Paradiso, Deep Space and an orange apocalypse courtesy of
Donald J. Trump.

It all started with Wonderland and the ‘Malice‘ name just stuck.

  • Chapter 1: The Day We Found Malice in Wonderland

    Chapter 1: The Day We Found Malice in Wonderland

    One day, our blue skies turned black. Sometimes, our summertime memories have dents. That’s when adventure really starts. The shit gets real. The tough get going. You know the rest. The journey to creating, contradicting, and conquering Malice started with The Haymaker. The Hatmaker. And The Architect. And a little lady named Alice.
  • Chapter 2: The Path To Dante’s Inferno

    Chapter 2: The Path To Dante’s Inferno & Paradiso

    With Wonderland, we were unwittingly sowing the seeds of discovery as the path led us to Dante’s Inferno. This swirling mass of fire and smoke circled as we lost all conscious thought. We saw loved ones, from the inside out, their lips red with blood. But rising unscathed. The Seven Circles. We lived. We died. We came back to life.
  • Chapter 3: The Force Arouses…

    Chapter 3: The Force Arouses…

    Dante’s geyser sprayed our souls far into a place in the future that felt very much like the past. The Force was strong in this one. But to alter the path of the future, we travelled back to when it all began…
  • Chapter 4: The Trumpocalypse

    Chapter 4: The Trumpocalypse

    The path was set for total world destruction known throughout the multi-verse as the Trump-ocalypse on November 2016. A tear in the multi-verse occurred and we saved it, destroying his cursed wall and paying homage to our true king in Bernieland.
  • Chapter 5: 1984 vs 1984

    Chapter 5: 1984 vs 1984

    We wondered what if Orwell’s dark 1984 collided with the REAL 1980s. We called it an Epic Neon-Flavoured Dystopia.Halloween, Oct 28, 2017.

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